Are you a vegetarian and do you like jellies? Read this.

carrageenanDo you love jellies? After all who does not love a good dessert of jellies after the dinner? Did you know that most jellies and other substances which have the same consistency are made from animal products which are the by-products of meat industry? It is derived from the gelatin. These are not vegetarian products and hence not everybody can eat these foods. As a result many vegetarians and vegans are averse to consume these jellies. However there is a vegan substitute for this meat product. It is carrageenan, which is derived from the sea weeds. These are essentially polysaccharides that are sulphated and extracted from the raw seaweeds. These are mainly used a stabilisers in various food products. In fact they are used in a wide variety of products from many industries as follows.

You should know about this wonderful food substance

Apart from the food industry they are used in the shampoos and hair conditioners. They are also used in the toothpastes to keep the product intact. They are also used in the foams to make denser. They are used for pet foods also. In the food industry, they are used from ice creams, to chocolates to yoghurts to condensed milk. They are used extensively in the preparation of flavoured jellies. Apart from the above said they are also used in the preparation of various sauces and meat products. They also find use in the beverage industry where they are added to both the carbonated and non-carbonated drinks to enhance the flavours and taste. However not all is good in the usage of these weeds. There have been inconclusive evidences against the product. There have been stray cases of people being affected by the continued usage of the products that are made from these sea weeds. Having said that, it is by no means an unsafe product and even the Food and Drug Administration of United States of America had allowed it.